Trustpilot brings further transparency to online reviews with new feature

Bringing further transparency to the reviews industry, the feature provides consumers with a window into how often companies flag reviews and what happens to them once they’ve been investigated. The new feature is the first of its kind and is part of Trustpilot’s larger initiative to bring more openness and transparency to its platform and the review industry as a whole.

Transparency requirements are a gift for business


On May 25th the new General Data Protection Regulation from the EU will come into effect. The new personal data regulation could become the catalyst for more transparency and openness. It’s in all companies interest to get it to work efficiently.

Trustpilot: The global fight for talents slows down growth


In the recruitment of sought after global talents, Danish startups see themselves forced to spend capital otherwise set aside for growth. As it is today, the startups can offer new employees nothing but high salaries as shares are economically unfavorable.