These are the fastest-growing tech startups in Copenhagen in 2019

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Trustpilot is a leading independent review platform that is free and open to all consumers and companies. The potential unicorn lets companies collect consumer reviews helping them grow and display the brand trust. Also, it delivers measurable business results by converting casual browsers into buyers. Trustpilot is one of the most visited websites across the world. Since its debut, it as becomes a freemium SaaS business model.

Chris van Dongen, Trustpilot: ‘Don't combat a review with your side of a story’


Trustpilot is the largest review platform in the world. The wish of the company is to make that platform as human as possible. “People are overloaded with ads and campaigns, marketing is often about the big numbers. A personal review of a company makes it more human. ”

This CEO started up Trustpilot in his early 20s — here are his 6 pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs

Business Insider Netherlands

Mühlmann spoke with Business Insider about leadership at a young age and what he has learned along the way. Here are his six pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs.