Comment​ ​les​ ​marketeurs​ ​maintiennent-ils​ ​la​ ​confiance​ ​à​ ​l’ère​ ​des​ ​fake​ ​news​?


In the current era of fake news and with the rise of social networks and aggressive advertising trying to attract public attention, consumers are increasingly skeptical and doubt their claims. Thus, today's marketers face one of the greatest challenges of our time: maintaining credibility.

Consumer-led Marketing: How the ‘Good Night’s Sleep’ of a Thousand Strangers is Shaping Yours


Today, consumers play a pivotal and vocal role in the making and breaking of emerging businesses hoping to crack the market, by unleashing their honest opinions on review forums and community sites in a manner that will either support or refute a business’s claims and ultimately influence the decisions of others.

Growth Hacking with Customer Reviews

Consumer reviews help small businesses grow their business and revenue. Reviews not only increase consumer confidence, but they also lead directly to improved search performance, superior product and service feedback loops, and they have a significant influence on customer purchase decisions on and offline.

Top Review Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Social Media Today

Which review services should SMBs prioritize? This review takes into account several different types of services, but each is a top contender for enabling small businesses to leverage customer reviews within their marketing strategy. Trustpilot gets businesses the most all-around bang for their buck and effort.

B2B Competitor Research - 8 Free Sources of Information


Having an eye the competition is a useful check to ensure that you’re keeping pace with the market and not missing a trick. Here are eight free sources of competitor information for those operating in B2B markets.

Identifying your top brand advocates - by filtering the recommendations

Marketing Tech News

These days, consumers are not just influenced by the limited group of people they know. Instead, blogs, review sites like TripAdvisor or Trustpilot seem just as likely to sway someone towards purchase, though it has been the unstoppable rise of social media that has turbo-charged word-of-mouth marketing, creating a new discipline of viral marketing.

Why Successful Brands Like Fabletics Leverage the Power of the Crowd

Huffington Post

Consumer purchases are increasingly determined by the power of the crowd. Today’s customer looks to crowd-sourced reviews to determine their final purchase and trusts the reviews that they read as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know. 

A day in the life of... Consumer Product Manager at Trustpilot


Jacob de Lichtenberg is Consumer Product Manager at Trustpilot, the online review community. Jacob gives us an insight into the process of taking user data, analysing it and improving the product offering.

Are you listening? 3 ways to tap into customer reviews

American Express Open Forum

Customer feedback provides a unique window into what your customers are focused on and what needs to be done to strengthen and grow your business.

Customer Reviews and the Search Marketing Opportunity

Digital Marketing Magazine

Customer reviews are already a well-understood mechanism for enhancing a company's digital marketing. However, what many marketers still don’t understand about customer reviews is the search marketing opportunity they present.

This CEO started up Trustpilot in his early 20s — here are his 6 pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs

Business Insider

There was never a single eureka moment that set up the idea of Trustpilot. Mühlmann was in his early 20s when Trustpilot was founded, and he's learned a great deal about being an entrepreneur by going in head first. 

Adweek and Bloomberg Media event focuses on trust in a disruptive world

Bloomberg Media

As artificial intelligence (AI) ushers in the latest, most powerful wave of digital disruption against a backdrop of ubiquitous social sharing, trust between people and institutions has become a moving target.

How Trust Will Permanently Reshape the Relationship Between Brands and Consumers


A video roundup of marketing thought leadership on authenticity. “The brand is no longer what they say it is—it’s what the customer says it is.” Peter Mühlmann says.