3 Ways Online Retail Reviews Can Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

How can reviews help? Some ecommerce companies view reviews as just a customer feedback mechanism; but to leave it there really misses the wider marketing opportunity. In today’s crowded marketplace, where points of differentiation are extremely hard to come by for eCommerce companies, consumer review content can help to amplify your marketing efforts.

For Serious ROI, B2B Companies Should Adopt These Three B2C Marketing Strategies

It's easy to assume that B2C and B2B companies have little in common. After all, different audiences require different strategies to effectively engage customers and potential customers. But what happens if we swap lenses?

Why Trust Will Play a Broader Role in the Next Wave of Financial Marketing


In an age of ever-growing distrust—in marketing, in politics and in financial institutions—global firms are learning to engage and demonstrate transparency in ways they didn’t have to just a decade ago.

The rise and rise of B2B online reviews

B2B Marketing

Online reviews are now an established part of the marketing mix in the B2C world. Marketers have realised that in an increasingly digital world fostering trust in your brand can help build reputation, drive increased visibility in search and improve confidence throughout the purchase process.

Truth or Bust? How Marketers can Maintain Consumer Trust in the Fake News Era

Digital Marketing Magazine

In the current fake news zeitgeist, and with so many news outlets, social media platforms and advertisers competing for attention, people are highly sceptical and untrusting of brands.