Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Peter Holten Mühlmann

Peter Mühlmann founded Trustpilot in 2007 and has been the main driver behind the company’s continued global expansion. Peter heads the company focusing on the business strategy and product development. In 2013, Peter was named Danish Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. Peter studied Business Administration at Aarhus University, but decided to drop out to focus on the business after founding Trustpilot.

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Data Protection Officer

Jan Bülow

Jan joined Trustpilot in 2012, driving the development and production of new technologies. Before Trustpilot, Jan was CTO at SoftwarePeople, a WPP company delivering ERP-type IT solutions for agencies. Jan has 30 years of experience working with technology from e.g. Instadia, IOCORE, Adaptive Systems and Texas Instruments. He studied IT and Mathematics at the University of Copenhagen.



General Counsel

Kasper Heine

Kasper joined Trustpilot from the very start as a board member in 2007, while he was Partner at Danish law firm, BvHD (now Bird & Bird). Bird & Bird is a top tier international law firm and Kasper’s legal expertise include, Intellectual Property Rights, E-commerce Law and IT law. In 2014, he became Trustpilot’s General Counsel heading the Trust & Transparency and Legal departments. Kasper brings extensive experience from e.g. KODA, BvHD and Bird & Bird. Kasper holds a Master in Law from the University of Copenhagen.



Chief Financial Officer

Hanno Damm

Hanno joined at the outset of 2016, further expanding Trustpilot's growth in the U.S. Prior to Trustpilot, Hanno was a senior vice president at Bankrate Inc., where he oversaw corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. Hanno helped facilitate numerous acquisitions, which helped Bankrate become a leading online personal finance destination in the U.S. Hanno also held relevant positions at Apax Partners, a global private equity firm and PricewaterhouseCoopers, working on projects across multiple industries. Hanno holds a MF in Finance from Princeton University.



Senior Vice President Comms & Brand

Glenn Manoff

Glenn joined Trustpilot in August 2016. He was previously Director of Communications, Social Business and Sustainability at O2 and Group Director of Corporate Affairs at Camelot. An award winning Corporate Communications and Brand Marketing leader, Glenn was an integral member of the team that built O2 into a commercial and brand leader. Now part of Trustpilot’s top team, Glenn will drive the company’s communications and brand strategy for business growth. Glenn holds an MA in International Relations and Economics from Johns Hopkins University.   



Senior Vice President Global HR & Talent

Anne-Marie Finch

Anne-Marie joined Trustpilot in 2014 as Vice President of Global HR & Talent. Since then, she has focused on professionalising and growing Trustpilot's six offices globally by bringing in and retaining top talent. Prior to Trustpilot, Anne-Marie was a Senior HR Director at Telmore and Fullrate – two subsidiaries owned by the C20 Telco Company TDC Group. In her role, she facilitated numerous strategies and organizational changes, built a foundation on which to enhance team performance and headed a company outsourcing project. Earlier, Anne-Marie was part of Nokia and TDC Group during their IPO. Anne-Marie holds a MSc in Psychology from Copenhagen University and a Change Management and Executive Coaching Certification.


President of Americas 

Don Ross

Don is the most recent addition to Trustpilot's top team, joining in October 2016. Formerly the Chief Executive Officer of, he and his team grew the personal financial service website’s revenue from $79M to over $550M in under nine years. Don will focus on further growing Trustpilot’s business and revenue in North America as the company expands its focus on financial services. Previously, he served as the Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Harris Connect, Inc. and SVP of Sales at Don holds a Masters of Marketing & Advertising from Michigan State University and Executive Education in Sustainable Marketing Leadership from Harvard Business School.