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September 23, 2015

Trustpilot participates in ISO initiative to create international standard for online reviews

23rd September, 2015 -  Beijing - Trustpilot is participating with the UK delegation under the British Standard Institution (BSI) in an ISO led initiative to create an international standard for online reviews.

Companies, organizations and consumer associations from 28 countries meet in Beijing this week to pave the way for an international standard on reliable processing of consumer-generated content. The entire agenda concerns online reviews, and Trustpilot is pleased to see such broad support from the industry.

“The development of internationally recognised standards is key to maintaining trust in the online review industry. We see this initiative as a great opportunity where the industry is creating a standard to safeguard integrity and trustworthiness of online user reviews to the benefit of both consumers and businesses,” says Head of Trust and Transparency at Trustpilot, Kasper Heine.

Following the publication of the French standard on reliability of online consumer reviews, the International Standardization Organization’s (ISO) technical committee on online reputation was created. Building on the momentum from the release of the French standard, the AFNOR led committee aims to bring international attention to the issues facing the online reputation and review industries.

During this week’s meeting, the ISO committee also aims to create a glossary on online reputation. This involves the adoption of internationally recognized terminology for the online reputation of organizations, both public and private.

There is a consensus among all the countries involved that standardisation in terms of defining common benchmarks and sharing best practices is the right way to move forward. In the UK, Trustpilot recently kickstarted industry-wide conversations to future proof online review standards and protect consumers from fake reviews.

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