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August 25, 2020

Trustpilot updates review collection methods as part of continued drive to be the most universally trusted review platform

25 August 2020 - Copenhagen - London - Edinburgh - Trustpilot today announced that it will be changing the way businesses are able to collect reviews using Trustpilot’s tools - continuing its ambition to be the most trusted and transparent reviews platform globally. Thousands of businesses use Trustpilot’s invitation methods to encourage their customers to share their experiences openly on and greater emphasis will now be placed on businesses to use automated triggers making sure feedback is requested from all consumers in a consistent and fair way.

“This is yet another step to show just how serious we are about the integrity of our platform.  We want people to trust the reviews they see on Trustpilot. Having undertaken a full evaluation of our invitation offerings, it is clear that invitations triggered automatically considerably reduce the ability to misuse and manipulate consumer voice. By taking these steps we’re also increasing public confidence in those companies who are using our platform to build their brands” said Carolyn Jameson, Chief Legal and Policy Officer. 

Recent research suggests that 62% of consumers globally would stop using platforms that they knew were censoring reviews. The change will help meet consumer demands by considerably minimising the risk of businesses trying to cherry-pick only the customers they know are more positively inclined to leave a good review while ensuring great businesses who act genuinely and authentically have the ability to thrive. 

Beginning in the UK on 1st October, Trustpilot will sunset companies' ability to manually enter a customer's email address, name and reference ID to send invitations. This includes copying and pasting customer data into Trustpilot’s platform to send invitations. In addition, the ability to upload files of customer contacts will be limited to 90 days from first use. This allows companies to get started while setting up an automated invitation process. The updates to the invitation methods will be rolled out in the rest of the world before the end of the year. 

The changes in manual invitations come after Trustpilot’s founder and CEO, Peter Mühlmann, earlier this year shared an open letter committing to do more to fight for trust in online reviews and help Trustpilot’s wider ambition to be the most trusted and transparent reviews platform globally.

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*Information: What’s the difference between manual and automated invitation methods?

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