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May 15, 2024

Trustpilot unveils new features empowering businesses

The new AI-assisted features help high-growth businesses strengthen consumer relationships by anticipating and summarising current and future trends through reviews  

May 15, 2024 – LONDON – Trustpilot, the global online platform home to more than 250 million reviews, today introduced new features for businesses on the platform to build trust, grow and improve through their customer reviews like never before. Trust and communication are crucial for businesses looking to create lasting consumer relationships, but without the right tools, the two parties can easily be siloed and feedback can be underutilised. With these new features, Trustpilot is arming businesses with feedback-powered insights into their customers and broader markets, enabling them to grow while building a new level of trust.

Larger businesses often collect hundreds of reviews per month on Trustpilot, ensuring that there is no shortage of customer feedback. However, while high volumes of feedback are rich with data, many businesses don't have the resources to glean key insights, or to respond to feedback in a timely and informed manner. With this latest update, Trustpilot is allowing businesses to hear their consumers, process their feedback, and respond efficiently, freeing up time and resources to address the needs of their customers.

“With more than 250 million reviews on our platform globally, it’s no secret that customers want to be heard. But one-sided reviews don’t grow relationships between customers and businesses,” said Alicia Skubick, Chief Customer Officer at Trustpilot. “Our new features are helping unlock the value in customer feedback, providing businesses with insights and opportunities to further engage with their customers. We are utilising AI powered features to both help businesses identify and understand trends in their reviews, and also to provide actionable recommendations based on these insights. These features are further empowering businesses to build real trust with consumers.”

New features include:

  • AI-Assisted Review Responses: Built to help businesses respond to high volumes of reviews while maintaining the integrity of their tone of voice, this feature utilises AI trained on past responses to suggest a framework for future responses. When tested in beta, this feature has lowered business response time by more than 30%, giving businesses on Trustpilot more time in the day to not just respond to customer issues - but to solve them. 

  • TrustScore Forecast: A business’ TrustScore is one of the most valued Trustpilot metrics, acting as a barometer for customer sentiment and satisfaction. The first solution of its kind, the TrustScore Forecast provides businesses with a deeper understanding of customer perception, with the ability to utilise customer-driven data to support and predict growth trajectory and business objective goals.

  • Market Insights: Businesses can unlock market insights using the power of AI, enabling a deeper understanding compared to similar businesses for benchmarking performance. These insights allow businesses to more effectively and efficiently adapt their strategy to stay on top of evolving trends.

  • Review Spotlight: AI-powered Review Spotlight brings millions of data points together to illuminate the voice of your customers in seconds. With this tool, businesses can identify key themes, see trends throughout reviews, and proactively uncover potential issues. Review Spotlight empowers businesses to resolve customer concerns before they escalate. For ease, insights can be delivered straight to inboxes weekly or monthly.

These new features are available today along with additional enhancements, including single sign on and new options to customise business profiles on Trustpilot Business users can expect additional features to be rolled out throughout the year. To learn more about working with Trustpilot, visit

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