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September 9, 2019

Trustpilot introduces half-stars and moves to a five-point TrustScore

To reflect the most accurate and nuanced overall rating, TrustScores will now be calculated to the nearest half-star and displayed on a five-point scale.

New York – London – Copenhagen – Trustpilot, the leading customer review platform free and open to everyone, today announced the introduction of half-stars and a five-point TrustScore. These improvements will make ratings on Trustpilot easier to understand and give both consumers and businesses a more detailed view of how companies are performing.

“We have worked to create a clearer correlation between the stars and the TrustScore, which I believe increases the transparency and credibility of all ratings on Trustpilot. We’ve also heard from both consumers and companies asking us to move in this direction, so it’s an added bonus that we’re able to respond to their feedback,” said Milena Nikolova, Director of Product Management, Consumer Experience at Trustpilot. 

Trustpilot’s star rating is displayed as a number of stars between one and five, but until now the TrustScore has always been displayed as a number between zero and ten. Updating the TrustScore to also be displayed as a number between one and five makes it simpler to see how a TrustScore relates to the star rating. This also aligns the ratings on Trustpilot to industry standards, making it easier for businesses and consumers to compare scores across platforms.

The TrustScore will be calculated using the same standard rounding rules as before, but will now be on a scale from one to five instead of the old zero to ten. The star rating will be rounded up or down to a half or full star, depending on the calculation of the TrustScore.

Half-stars image

As the need for greater transparency and openness grows online, these latest changes will help customers better understand and trust the reviews of businesses they are using. These changes follow updates to Trustpilot’s business Categories as well the release of its Transparent flagging function earlier this year. Trustpilot will continue to evolve its platform to meet the growing demands of the modern online world, with this just being the latest step in that journey.

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