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July 1, 2016

New ICPEN guidelines establish global benchmark for review sites

July 1, 2016 – New York – Denver – London – Melbourne – Copenhagen – Berlin – The International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN) this week released three sets of guidelines outlining a common set of principles for stakeholders within the online reviews sector. As an industry leader, Trustpilot is pleased to see such an expansive approach to critical standpoints, with the guidelines addressing review administratorstraders and marketers and digital influencers.

“Approaching our collective challenges from an international perspective is a key factor in raising industry standards. We applaud the ICPEN’s guidelines for helping establish a global benchmark for good practice – encouraging all stakeholders to ensure that consumers can trust the reviews they rely on when making purchasing decisions,” says Kasper Heine, Head of Trust & Transparency at Trustpilot.

Highlighting the importance of being fair, proactive and transparent in the review industry, the guidelines focus on key areas that review sites such as Trustpilot should adhere to when collecting, moderating and publishing reviews. They provide “simple do’s and dont’s” and set out how review sites and businesses can make sure consumers get the full picture.

“Online shopping knows no borders, and while it’s always important for review platforms to comply with local legislation, having a set of common, internationally recognized guidelines only helps strengthen our industry, says Kasper Heine.

With contributing member authorities from nearly 60 countries, the ICPEN works to expand protections for consumers worldwide. Outgoing president of the organization, and a driving force behind the recent guidelines, is the UK’s CMA. Trustpilot assists governmental bodies such as the CMA in their efforts to improve the online reviews industry.

“We’re firmly invested in enhancing trust and transparency, including preventing and fighting any misuse of our platform. We’re also pleased to see that we meet or exceed each of the principles outlined in the ICPEN’s new guidelines,” says Kasper Heine.

For more information on how Trustpilot complies with the guidelines, read our article.

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