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October 20, 2015

Amazon lawsuit sets important precedent against fake reviews

20th October, 2015 – New York – London – Melbourne – Copenhagen – This week Amazon announced it is taking legal action against more than 1,100 people it says have been paid to write fake, online reviews. It follows a lawsuit from April this year, where Amazon sought to shut down four paid review sites that offered fake, four and five-star reviews of its products.

“Trustpilot strongly supports Amazon’s actions and the recent lawsuit sets an important precedent against fake reviews. The debate surrounding fake reviews is at the forefront of our industry, and it’s more important than ever to safeguard the consumer’s trust in online reviews,” says Trustpilot’s Head of Trust and Transparency, Kasper Heine.  

Trustpilot’s work to remove fake review ads
Defendants from the most recent Amazon case used to sell fake, positive reviews. Along with a host of other initiatives, Trustpilot’s 35 strong Compliance team continually monitors a variety of platforms, including, where fake reviews are either offered or sought after. Once identified, the site host is contacted, which generally leads to the advertisement’s removal. In many cases, it also leads to the removal of freelancer profiles that offer fake reviews in return for payment.

“Advertising for and composing fake reviews not only undermines the foundation of Trustpilot, but of the online review industry as a whole. It’s crucial that we stand together to fight fake reviews, and we hope our recent initiative to gather the review industry in the UK will help kickstart this process,” says Kasper Heine.

In line with Trustpilot’s zero-tolerance policy against review manipulation Trustpilot posts consumer alerts and terminates agreements with companies, where continuous suspicious behaviour is detected.

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