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May 28, 2020

A million thank yous

Praise on hits the 1 million mark, as consumers thank companies for going above and beyond during the global pandemic

28 May 2020 – London - New York - Copenhagen – Trustpilot today announced that 1 million ‘thank yous’ have now been shared across the globe with companies who have gone above and beyond with their service during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Since March, when the pandemic hit, consumers writing reviews have been given the ability to provide an additional ‘thank you’ to those companies who have impressed them and these have been showcased on Trustpilot’s home page.

“No one could have foreseen how quickly the pandemic was going to impact everything globally, especially the businesses people rely on. There has been even greater demand online and many companies have had to adapt. Despite the challenges, it is great to see so many businesses still doing everything they possibly can for their customers. On behalf of the Trustpilot community we applaud you,” said Peter Muhlmann, Founder and CEO, Trustpilot.

The Homes and Garden (13%) and Shopping and Fashion (13%) sectors were at the top of the list with the most thank yous globally, with Business Services (11%) in joint third place with the Electronics and Technology sector (11%). Fifth spot was taken by the Beauty and Well-being sector (7%).  

Sector/ CategoryVolume % of thank yous (Global)

Home and Garden - 13%

Shopping and Fashion - 13%

Business Services - 11%

Electronics and Technology - 11%

Beauty and Well-being - 7%

Food, Beverages and Tobacco - 6%

Vehicles and transportation - 6%

Money and Insurance - 5%

Events and entertainment - 4%

Health and Medical - 4%

Media and Publishing - 3%

Hobbies and Craft - 3%

Construction and Manufacturing -3%

Animals and Pets - 2%

Utilities - 1%

Sports - 1%

Restaurants and Bars - 1%

Travel and Vacation - 1%

Education and Training - 1%

Homes Services - 1%

Public and Local Services - 1%

Legal Services and Government - less than 1%

In analysing these sectors further, the Homes and Garden sector has seen tremendous praise from those in lockdown with hardware stores being praised for their “efficiency” despite the rules and online garden centres and e-florists also experiencing additionals thanks as the world enjoys and improves its home comforts.


Delivery and courier services, which sit within the Business Services sector, have also received appreciation globally. Despite coming under increased pressure during ‘lock-down’, couriers appear to be winning people’s admiration and praise across the globe with “speed of delivery” and “social distancing” being mentioned.


Other types of businesses showered with thanks were Pharmacies, especially those who had online capabilities and were delivering medications through such a hard time.

Trustpilot will be continuing the initiative over the coming months and will be showcasing further heartfelt thanks and the stories behind them on it’s new Trustpilot Blog which aims to give consumers more insight and understanding into Trustpilot reviews and how they can help them buy with even more confidence.


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