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Consumer Trust Relies Heavily on Reviews and Brand Honesty


Reviews are also a key way shoppers get to know a brand, according to Trustpilot. When asked how they familiarize themselves with an online company they haven’t heard of, most of those digital shoppers polled said they read customer reviews.

Analyzing the Big Five Traits Your Brand Personality Needs to Be Reputable

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It’s time to think strategically about your brand’s personality and how each of these traits can impact your relationship with your customers. While a culmination of the Big Five can be a great approach, improving them one-by-one could be the key to building reputability.

How to Build Brand Authority by Leveraging Online Reviews

Trustpilot is a place where you can proactively increase the authority of your business and gives customers unbiased reviews of previous shopper experiences. While other review platforms focus on specific products, Trustpilot allows users to rank a wide variety of products offered by companies, (both digital and physical) including services.

E-commerce: why integrating social proof is relevant for your marketing strategy


It’s well established that online shoppers are becoming savvier about online purchases, and that they look at more than just price when they’re deciding if they want to buy.

These days, they’re also looking for indicators of an awesome customer experience, and oftentimes that’s best reflected through social proof like customer reviews.

There are many components of online customer experience that a business can focus on to differentiate themselves from the competition. Doing so often results in glowing social proof for a company, and ultimately a great reputation.

Holiday online scams: only a third reads reviews before booking online

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Reviews can reveal scams from dubious providers. "This survey shows that many consumers are missing out on the opportunity to use online reviews to make sure their dream of vacationing does not become a nightmare," said Paul Steele, Sales Director for Trustpilot's DACH market.