Adweek and Bloomberg Media event focuses on trust in a disruptive world

Bloomberg Media

As artificial intelligence (AI) ushers in the latest, most powerful wave of digital disruption against a backdrop of ubiquitous social sharing, trust between people and institutions has become a moving target. How can brands navigate that intersection of technology and humanity successfully?

“We’re at a really interesting inflection point in the business,” observed Adweek’s Cooper. “Digital technology is transforming brands and business in a way we couldn’t have imagined even two years ago.”  Brand safety and brand trust have come to the forefront as hacking and malware have created increasing anxiety.

Denise Karkos, CMO of TD Ameritrade, built on that idea, noting the importance of marketing across all facets of an organization. “It’s a team sport today,” she said. “You can’t just think that your advertising is going to create trust. You have to have your sales, your service, your product marketers, aligned – everyone has to be lined up against what your truth is and your brand purpose.”

One reason for that is the fact that communication between people and companies now takes place in public forums, added Peter Mülhmann, Trustpilot’s founder and CEO. These conversations are increasingly initiated by customers, creating a public dialogue that’s now as widely read as any other source.