Why Trust Will Play a Broader Role in the Next Wave of Financial Marketing


In an age of ever-growing distrust—in marketing, in politics and in financial institutions—global firms are learning to engage and demonstrate transparency in ways they didn’t have to just a decade ago.

While industries such as travel and retail are better at innovating and building trust, finance is getting increasingly better, according to Peter Mühlmann, founder and CEO of Trustpilot, a company whose platform publishers reviews of businesses.

“I see a lot of very modern fintech companies that really get it,” Mühlmann said during a panel discussion at the event. “The finance world has been caring too much [about] doing everything right … I think the key here is showing that you’re human.”

The remarks came during an event this week for brands and agencies hosted by Adweek and Bloomberg Media, which brought together marketers from several finance and tech brands to talk about the evolving role trust plays in their marketing.