4 Lesser-Known Customer-Review Platforms You Need to Know About


Customer reviews have always been vital to an online reputation. As the internet and ecommerce grow even more, most consumers won't even consider spending their money on a brand they can't find reviews on.

Trustpilot is a community-driven platform that spans 65 countries. It provides a global open-review community for businesses of all kinds. In addition to sending emails encouraging customers to write reviews, Trustpilot implements automated follow-ups to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts or have already made purchases.

 Perhaps the best feature this platform offers businesses is its in-depth level of analytics to increase website traffic. By collecting customer feedback, Trustpilot uses search engines to publicize satisfaction ratings. This means that the data will factor into a brand's rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo! to give more exposure and increase click-through rates.

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