What To Do About Negative Reviews


One-way broadcast messaging continues to be the mainstay of Madison Avenue, but by itself, this type of marketing is far less effective than it once was. Consumers are much more empowered, and prefer being part of the conversation.

A study from user review community Trustpilot further underscores the value of user reviews, finding that 88 percent of consumers say that reviews help when deciding what to buy, and where to buy it. According to the Trustpilot survey, 77 percent of respondents indicated that online reviews help them make a purchasing decision. Negative reviews are inevitable, no matter how great your company and service may be, but those negatives can be damaging to the point of threatening a company’s very existence.

In the Trustpilot survey, analysts asked “What will make you more likely to purchase from a company.” Sixty-two percent responded that reading a positive review would make them likely to make a purchase, but more interestingly, 15 percent said that reading a negative review which had been positively resolved by the company would make them more likely to buy.