30 eCommerce Hacks for Your New Small Business [Expert Roundup]

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The world of eCommerce is a crucial place for any growing business. In the US, eCommerce hit $394.86 billion in 2016, a 15.6% increase over 2015, when it hit $341.70. Globally, it hit $1.915 trillion, and set to grow to $2.352 trillion. But, with such high sales and such great growth, there’s sure to be huge competition.

For the most part, small eCommerce stores will not be able to compete with the likes of Amazon. So, to help you figure out that strategy, we’ve asked some top eCommerce experts in sales, marketing, SEO, pricing, conversion and website optimization for their top eCommerce hacks.

“One of the most overlooked eCommerce marketing strategies might also be one of the most obvious, and yet time and time again brands forget to implement it. Every business has a built-in team of marketers in the form of their own customers. If you can leverage your existing customers via feedback, reviews and testimonials, you have a clear and direct growth strategy in most cases,” Zach Pardes, Head of Communications - U.S. at Trustpilot.