This CEO started up Trustpilot in his early 20s — here are his 6 pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs

Business Insider Netherlands

Mühlmann spoke with Business Insider about leadership at a young age and what he has learned along the way. Here are his six pieces of advice for young entrepreneurs.

7 Secrets Of Successful SaaS Companies


I asked executives at leading SaaS companies a simple question - what is your company’s secret to success? Here are some of the best answers I received from leaders at top SaaS companies and my takeaways.

The rise of Answer Engine Optimization: Why voice search matters

Search Engine Watch

In a recent webinar, Chee Lo, Head of SEO at Trustpilot, and Jason Barnard, SEO consultant at, explained how the rise of voice search is transforming search engines into “answer engines”, which require a different strategy and set of ingredients for success. 

Trustpilot in Mogul's Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion in 2018


Trustpilot has been ranked #68 in Mogul's Top 100 Innovators in Diversity & Inclusion in 2018. Those mentioned have made, and continue to make, enormous strides in hiring diverse talent, creating welcoming environments and communities for employees and contributing to society in meaningful ways.

Trustpilot’s Transparent, Open-Review Platform Gives Consumers Confidence When Choosing Reputable Financial Companies

Trustpilot empowers both the consumers and the businesses inhabiting this new commercial environment by facilitating the free, clear flow of information. In this way, the platform is helping to build a more open, accountable economic community to the benefit of everyone who engages in it.

Will Open Banking usher in a new era of customer-centric banking?

Banking Tech

At Trustpilot we’ve facilitated over 30 million consumer reviews of businesses and a large chunk relate to banks. It’s fair to say the banking industry has, on the whole, struggled to deliver excellence in terms of customer service and experience.

Negative SEO Tactics in 2018: How to Fix Your Site After It's Been Attacked

Vertical Measures

There are some negative SEO tactics that can be used to combat fake reviews and social signals. While it’s helpful to know all the details of each tactic, it’s more important to know how to monitor against attacks and what to do if your site is targeted.

The three business trends that matter - and that you need to know

Talk Business

Some business trends are so important that to ignore them might be to doom your business. Nowadays nearly two thirds of businesses outsource to cut costs and to allow them to focus on their core business.

Marketers, Drop the Megaphone

Digital Marketing Magazine

In order to cut through the noise many businesses have decided to speak louder and to push out more content. But what the marketplace needs and consumers want is not more content. On the contrary. People are looking for better content.