Guest Post: Why you should embrace transparency in digital travel


How we shop, book and engage with travel brands has changed dramatically over the past decade. But it hasn’t changed enough. Consumers today are accustomed to engaging with digital brands in terms of a holistic experience, one that is based on a relationship and ultimately trust.

 The experience your brand delivers will be visible to others at scale, whether through a review platform such as ours or simply via social media – just ask British Airways how transparent the world is today.

And consumers are wise to the information at their disposal with 88% saying they regularly check online reviews in advance of making a purchase. So, how should the industry respond to this new era? In my opinion there is only one response and that’s to embrace a culture of transparency. Being transparent means you allow, indeed you welcome, public feedback from customers. Pause for a moment and consider how Airbnb has grown revenues to $6 billion annually.