Truth or Bust? How Marketers can Maintain Consumer Trust in the Fake News Era

Digital Marketing Magazine

In the current fake news zeitgeist, and with so many news outlets, social media platforms and advertisers competing for attention, people are highly sceptical and untrusting of brands. As a result, marketers today are faced with perhaps one of their greatest challenges: believability.

Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer reported the largest-ever drop in trust across organisations in government, business, media and NGOs. Trust in media took a nosedive and fell to an all-time low in 17 countries. Businesses didn’t fare much better, with low levels of consumer faith in brands and trust in executive leadership. Fortunately, consumers have, in a way, offered their own solution. As trust decreases, reliance on people increases. More specifically, reliance on the opinions of peers.

The story was also featured in Dutch Cowboys.