Top 5 tips for dealing with negative reviews

Business Review Europe

While January may be a quiet time for many of us, as we rest and recoup following Christmas, it’s one of the most important times of the year for retailers. Our research shows that the top three customer service frustrations, which often lead to negative reviews, include being passed around different colleagues or being put on hold, rude or defensive staff, and a lack of staff knowledge. To bring this to life, and make it easier for retailers to recognise where they’re going wrong, we recently created Café Zero to highlight consumers’ frustrations with businesses’ poor customer service. Café Zero humorously demonstrates bad customer service.

Negative customer reviews must play an important role in helping your business to remedy customer frustrations, such as the ones highlighted in the Café Zero video. If your business receives a negative review, a simple first step is to acknowledge the complaint by responding to it. Our own data shows that 84 per cent of shoppers said they would use a retailer again if they responded to a negative review by addressing their concerns. While a further 70 per cent also said retailers could win them back with the offer of a refund, discount or freebie.