More popular to be a guest than a landlord

Dagbladet Ringsted - Roskilde - Køge

It’s seemingly more popular to rent other people’s homes than it is invite strangers into your own home. A study conducted on behalf of online review platform, Trustpilot, shows that four out of ten Danes have either already booked accommodation through a website like Airbnb or would consider doing so. However, less than two out of ten would consider renting their private home out in that way.

The story was also featured in print in: Sjællandske, Sydkysten Weekend, By & Land, Morsø Folkeblads Ugeavis, Salling Avis, Bolig Magasin, Lokalavisen Vanløse, Frederica Dagblad, Horsens Folkeblad, Vejle Amts Folkeblad and Lokalavisen Vesterbro. All articles are in Danish.