Facebook “Will Do Everything We Can” To Address Shady Dress Retailers

BuzzFeed News

Facebook is working on new ways to police advertisers whose products are “overwhelmingly unsatisfactory,” after a BuzzFeed News report this week showed a cottage industry of shady online retailers operating openly on the social network and using its advertising services to target users.

In policing advertisers, social media platforms have trailed a few years behind big search engines, which started to explore incorporating reviews and other “trust signals” into their results about five years ago, said Jordan Garner, Trustpilot’s director of customer success in North America.

For example: Google AdWords’ quality scores “basically look at lots of different data points, and if they think you’re a good company to show an ad for, they make it cheaper for you to show your ad, and if they think you’re a bad fit, they make it very expensive,” she said. “It’s logical that there’s a way that Facebook can start to have their own barometer over whether a company is good or bad to show for a certain target audience.”