Experts Speak: How to show customers you're thankful

Website Magazine

The Black Friday marketing madness leaves many overlooking Thanksgiving, especially when it comes to what the holiday celebration is really about – being thankful. Fortunately, some of the Web’s top tech experts are shedding light on how businesses can show customers that they are thankful. Check out their advice below: 

Create a dialog with customers online. – Jonathan Hinz, director of strategic partnerships and business development at Trustpilot

"We all know the feeling when a friend goes out of his way to ask how you are, or if he can do anything to improve your day. You're thankful he cares. Customer-brand relationships should be no different. Brands need to show customers they are thankful for them by listening and responding to the opinions, suggestions and thoughts left in online reviews. Creating a dialog online, and then making changes customers can see is the best way to show you are thankful for your customers and their opinions.”