Negative SEO Tactics in 2018: How to Fix Your Site After It's Been Attacked

Vertical Measures

There are some negative SEO tactics that can be used to combat fake reviews and social signals. While it’s helpful to know all the details of each tactic, it’s more important to know how to monitor against attacks and what to do if your site is targeted.

The three business trends that matter - and that you need to know

Talk Business

Some business trends are so important that to ignore them might be to doom your business. Nowadays nearly two thirds of businesses outsource to cut costs and to allow them to focus on their core business.

Marketers, Drop the Megaphone

Digital Marketing Magazine

In order to cut through the noise many businesses have decided to speak louder and to push out more content. But what the marketplace needs and consumers want is not more content. On the contrary. People are looking for better content.

The five vital tips to stop you getting tricked by an online review when buying a new car

The Sun

How do you know if you can trust an online review when you're buying a new car with a dealer you've never visited? Our top tips help you check you won't be victim of fake ratings.

Growth in online car buying bucks market decline

AM online

Over a third of Millennials are willing to buy a car online according to the findings of a new Trustpilot survey as growth in online car buying appears to buck the trend of a declining market.

How to approach price, service, and reviews during Black Friday and Christmas


Customers might tell us discounts matter most but their behaviour betrays other factors. This year, savvy online retailers will be considering post-purchase issues in order to avoid a hit to their reputations that might cost more in the long term. 


Are you really listening to your customers?

Internet Retailer

Reviews are not just opportunities for people to praise your performance or vent their spleen – they can also serve as highly valuable mechanisms for gaining feedback to help you understand how well your business performs, allowing you to adapt accordingly.